Picture Name Institution Interests Type
Aryaman Agrawal's picture
Aryaman Agrawal University of Massachusetts Amherst App developer
Sarah Akbar's picture
Sarah Akbar Worcester Polytechnic Institute App developer, Hackathon, website developer, Programmer, C++, Python, C
Eric B's picture
Eric B unh
Robert Baron's picture
Robert Baron Boston University App developer, IOS, OSX, Windows, website developer, OpenShift/k8s, C++, SQL, R, Perl, Fortran, C, Privacy, Security
Purna Chandra Rao Bellamkonda's picture
Purna Chandra Rao Bellamkonda university of missouri kansas city App developer, Windows, C++, SQL, C
Deanna Blackwell's picture
Deanna Blackwell 93
Eric Brown's picture
Eric Brown University of New Hampshire website developer, SEO, SQL
Katia Bulekova's picture
Katia Bulekova Boston University high performance computing, R, Fortran, C
Dinakara Sai Santosh Burugupalli's picture
Dinakara Sai Santosh Burugupalli Red Hat Wordpress, OpenShift/k8s, Python, Perl
Bonnie Chin's picture
Bonnie Chin Colgate University Hackathon, Students/Schools, Programmer, Python
Nicholas Colella's picture
Nicholas Colella Harvard University research computing facilitator
Derek Curley's picture
Derek Curley Boston University research computing facilitator
Derek Curley's picture
Derek Curley Boston University research computing facilitator
Jaime Davila's picture
Jaime Davila College of Information and Computer Science, UMas-Amherst Android, Hackathon, Hackathon Audience, Students/Schools, Underserved populations, Collecting/Sharing Information, Getting Resources to those in need, Going Virtual, Logistics, research computing facilitator, website developer, Programmer, C++, Python, Perl, C
Jeremy Doiron's picture
Jeremy Doiron University of Massachusetts Amherst Data Science, Programmer, Python, C, IRB, Protection-of-Human-Subjects
Kevin Doshi's picture
Kevin Doshi Sardar Patel Institute of Technology Deep Learning, Data Science, Programmer, SQL, Python Individual Contributor, Undergraduate Student, Graduate Student
Nihar Dwivedi's picture
Nihar Dwivedi Boston University App developer, Linux, Android, OpenShift/k8s, Programmer, C++, Python Graduate Student
Rhea Frank's picture
Rhea Frank 95
Grzegorz Gajdzinski's picture
Grzegorz Gajdzinski Dassault Systemes Windows, Data Science, SQL, R, Python Individual Contributor