Picture Name Institution Interests Type
Aravindh Puthiyaparambil's picture
Aravindh Puthiyaparambil Red Hat OpenShift/k8s, Python, C
Ryan Rios's picture
Ryan Rios Colgate University Students/Schools, Python
Vance Ross's picture
Vance Ross vnbvh Android Individual Contributor
Tariq Sachleben's picture
Tariq Sachleben Boston University Hackathon, Students/Schools, Logistics, Programmer, Python
Jarod Sagendorph's picture
Jarod Sagendorph UMass Amherst Linux, OSX, Windows, Students/Schools, Data Science, GIS, C++, Python, C, Protection-of-Human-Subjects Individual Contributor, Undergraduate Student
Natasha Seelam's picture
Natasha Seelam Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) bioinformatics, epidemiology, Hackathon, high performance computing, Data Science, Programmer, C++, SQL, R, Python, Fortran
Natasha Seelam's picture
Natasha Seelam MIT Individual Contributor
Jonathan Smith's picture
Jonathan Smith Smith Project Leader, Team
zeyu song's picture
zeyu song boston university Programmer Graduate Student
Davanum Srinivas's picture
Davanum Srinivas VMware / BU Alumni OpenShift/k8s
Gretchen Stewart's picture
Gretchen Stewart Intel Corporation
Alex Tavares's picture
Alex Tavares WPI website developer Individual Contributor, Undergraduate Student
Julie Test420's picture
Julie Test420 mghpcc Underserved populations, high performance computing
Robert Thoelen's picture
Robert Thoelen N/A high performance computing, Programmer, Perl, C
E Toto's picture
E Toto WPI
Ermal Toto's picture
Ermal Toto Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Scott Valcourt's picture
Scott Valcourt University of New Hampshire Hackathon, Students/Schools, Collecting/Sharing Information, Going Virtual, high performance computing, research computing facilitator, Data Science, Programmer, C++, SQL, Python, Perl, C
Athena Xiao's picture
Athena Xiao Harvard Business School Hackathon, Hackathon Audience, small businesses, Students/Schools, Getting Resources to those in need, Going Virtual, Marketing, website developer, Wordpress, Data Science, SQL, R, Python
Ally Yu's picture
Ally Yu Colgate University Marketing, Python
Michael Zink's picture
Michael Zink University of Massachusetts Amherst research computing facilitator, C++, C