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In nutshell PatientAid is the product that we’re building to support COVID19 potential patients in need of medical help, via self-service to connect with healthcare providers, and receive the most suitable guidance and resulting actions in an automated way. It assists the government and healthcare providers to address the ‘overflow’ challenge of patient triage for self-isolation, testing, telemedicine and hospitalization. Our idea is to centralize management of both demand and healthcare resources by priority based on clinical assessment of an individual’s health circumstances. It also caters for varying requirements of prioritization and supports cross organizational/international collaboration.

Candidate Profile

As far as software engineering and development, the following teams and development needs are in place: Architecture and DevOps: Design the architecture and service implementation of SaaS offering, including security implementation of both frontend and backend. This team also manages DevOps tasks in deployment. Frontend development: This includes website for patients to interact with as well as web service for healthcare call center users to process patient requests. Backend and Database: Right now the database is MySQL, and communication to frontend is through API calls, it also includes the email/message service to deliver the result to the patient.

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