Establishing an affordable, secured research cloud solution for large-scale computing against COVID-19 healthcare data

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In the era of COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare organizations are facing uprising challenges to address imminent clinical patient-related demands while responding to the large-scale computational needs around COVID-related research projects. As a leading pediatric hospital in the nation, Boston Children's Hospital (BCH) research core is in high demand for affordable, secured elastic computing environments that could address the challenges around large-scale high-performance computing projects on patient healthcare information data (PHI) data. This project aims to establish an affordable state-of-the-art research cloud computing environment according to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulatory standards in collaboration with Mass Open Cloud (MOC). This effort is driven by 4 COVID-19 PHI computing projects led by the BCH research core listed below, each outlined in detail on subsequent pages. 1) Children's Rare Disease Cohorts initiative with COVID-19 positive pediatric cohort 2) IMmunoPhenotyping Assessment in a COVID-19 Cohort (IMPACC): Clinical and Data Coordinating Center (CDCC) 3) Radiological Imaging Advances to Improve Characterization of COVID-19 Disease Burden, Progression and Recovery 4) Using the MOC to help map the COVID-19 protein structures

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