Tag: 'high performance computing'


Project Title Tags Project Status
Rapidly deploy COVID compute apps to the MOC Recruiting
Establishing an affordable, secured research cloud solution for large-scale computing against COVID-19 healthcare data Recruiting
Children's Rare Disease Cohorts initiative with COVID-19 positive pediatric cohort Recruiting
IMmunoPhenotyping Assessment in a COVID-19 Cohort (IMPACC): Clinical and Data Coordinating Center (CDCC) Recruiting
Radiological Imaging Advances to Improve Characterization of COVID-19 Disease Burden, Progression and Recovery Recruiting
Using the MOC to help map the COVID-19 protein structures Recruiting
Use the MOC to accelerate chest CT ML for COVID Recruiting
COVID-Net: an Open Source Initiative for COVID-19 Detection and Risk Stratification using Chest X-rays Recruiting